Export Transition


Karim Karobar Company owns & manages 3 warehouses over a combined area of 30,000 square feet. The main warehouse is annexed to the mill while the other two are strategically located in the vicinity of the 2 major ports of Karachi: Karachi Port and Port Qasim. Shipments are dispatched from the central warehouse to the respective port warehouses to sustain inventory levels. This prudent logistics model enables us to ship goods out within an hour’s notice and ensures priority loading as soon as the vessel destined for shipment docks in at the bay. Proper transportation is ensured year round through cargo vessels and containers, irrespective of seasons.


First class shipping lines are used (SAF Marine, Maersk, APL, PIL) to ensure timely and accurate delivery of goods at destination ports.


Being a prominent and commanding player in the market for over six decades, Karim Karobar Company enjoys a reliable and rooted network of acquaintances with several reliable shipping carriers operating from Pakistan. The magnanimous volumes of our exports enable us to offer cost efficient freight solutions to our buyers. And our operations are not hindered by petty turbulences that afflict the common trader/exporter/businessman. Foreign clients therefore find doing business with us very convenient and in fact pleasant, in comparison to our counterparts.


Milling Process

Karim Karobar Company takes pride in its ancestry in the rice trade business. Having setup a state of the art rice processing unit back in the 60s, we have now transformed rice processing into an art form. We house a high tech, fully equipped rice processing plant, including Color Sortex machinery, built by the renowned Satake of Japan.


The plant constitutes of the most comprehensive range of machinery available today. Our plant comprises of paddy separators, de-stoners, color sorters, mist polishers, length graders, width graders, aspirators and auto packers. Given our massive infrastructure, we can mill 15 to 20 tons of rice price hour.


From the initial stages of procuring form regulated farms, through threshing, milling, and sorting, all the way to packaging and shipping the respective stocks; our production is orchestrated by the machines like a melodious symphony.


And we always meet our clients’ requirements, whether they demand excessive inventories or set us tight timelines. This is why clients love doing business with Karim Karobar Company


Quality Standard

Health & Hygiene


The atmosphere in the production plant is completely hygienic and conductive for edible products. The premises are dust and bacteria-free and are ceremoniously maintained on a monthly basis. All the machines, conveyers, bins and hoppers and equipped with top of the line aspiration systems which help keep the entire plant facility speckle free.


Commitment to Quality

The devotion to unsurpassed quality in product and service has been passed down for generations and remains ingrained in the hearts of the young leaders of Karim Karobar Company today. The staff is closely knit and e very employee complies with the values of honesty, integrity and commitment.


A stringent quality assurance unit is in place to ensure that only top quality, well cleaned, textured and graded rice is packed for delivery. There is a stolid stance for investment in Research & Development so that processes remain at par with global standards. At no stage of production is product quality compromised.